2019 was a milestone year, the tournament raised over $125,500.00 for our charities of choice. 

The BV Health and Hospital Foundation recieved $100.000.00 towards specialized surgical equipment for the OR department. 

Elena Raykov, Operating Room Manager said they will be getting a new OR table.

“It will be better for patients like frail, elderly, for pediatric patients, for patients who are over a certain weight, it will also allow us to do surgeries such as shoulder surgeries, which we haven’t done before because we didn’t have the appropriate equipment,” said Raykov.

Raykov also added that without the donation the hospital would have to wait for years for the new equipment because the hospital is so small.

The Smithers Cancer Care Team recieved $20,000.00. These funds help the cancer care team with teir objectives of assisting Smithers families in need of assistance due to cancer related illnesses. 

Horses Touching Hearts - Therapeutic Riding Association recieved $5,500.00 towards a new portable mounting ramp. This ramp will help people with mounting the theraapeutic horses. 

We have to give a huge thanks to everyone involved as this great event wouldn't be what it is without the people. Our sponsors, volunteers, celebrities, charities and our community. 


Here is a list of all the equipment that will be purchased for the hospital:

New OR Table ($59,225) and Accessories ($8,895)

The new table is designed to meet the needs of all our patients – from pediatric to elderly. We will be able to perform more procedures ensuring maximum comfort and safety to our patients. Our biggest success will be adding shoulder surgeries to our list. The average wait time for shoulder surgery is between 1.5-2 years. We will be able to offer this procedure to our community so patients can stay closer to home.

Omni Scope ($8,500) and Surgical Blades ($1,500)

This rigid hysteroscope will be a great addition to our equipment. It will allow the gynecologist to perform minor procedures while he is visiting in Smithers. It is one of the newest and safest system of performing those procedures and Smithers will be the second hospital in Northern Health to have this equipment.

Rumi Device ($2,132) and Novosure ($2,300)

The Rumi Device and Novosure Device will again allow the gynecologist to perform procedures here rather than send patients to Terrace or other larger centers.

OptiFlow ($3,760)

Optiflow is a specialised equipment, which will provide high volume oxygen in a small amount of time. Our three anesthetists requested this particular device. They will use it to deliver safe care to higher risk patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, COPD and other respiratory diseases.


Printer ($8,632)

The surgeon often will print a photo of the surgical site, specimen’s or rather relevant information for the patient or for the chart. A lot depends on the quality of the picture and we would like to ensure we have excellent record keeping.

Pediatric Glideslope Handle ($6,550)

We have been fortunate to have a glidescope in our facility. A glidescope is a device that is invaluable when treating a patient with difficult airway. However, we only have one size handle. Now we are in the process of purchasing a pediatric size and a larger adult size that will complete our set and allow us to provide safe care to patients of all ages.