You may have already heard the buzz about this year's Celebrity Golf Weekend. It is scheduled for August 8-10 at the Smithers Golf Club. 


After careful consideration the organizing committee has selected the following charities as the recipients of our 2019 fundraising efforts.  

The BV Health Foundation in support of their campaign - A Hole in One for Health Care at Home. The specialty surgical equipment enhancement program will enhance our local surgical programs and maximizing the surgical options at the Bulkley Valley District Hospital.

-This campaign is targeted towards enhancing our local surgical programs and maximizing the surgical options in the Bulkley Valley.

-BVDH has a very successful visiting surgeon model, with a broad mix of surgeons providing consultative and surgical services at BVDH.

-Visiting surgeons cover General Surgery, urology, ENT, OBGYN, Orthopedics.   (Also have local dental and GP-surgery)

-This equipment enhancement will help sustain our robust surgical programs and help enhance the quality and provision of local surgical services.

We are also supporting hhe Smithers Community Cancer Care Team - This team helps support patients families in need of financial assistance.

We want to thank all the groups that submitted applications for funding. This decision was not easy as we would love to support them all. We feel that it is important to let all applicants know that their work is highly regarded by our group. Most of the organizations requesting financial assistance are operated through volunteers or with the assistance of volunteers. We know how much work that is and how dedicated these people are. It is that type of work and dedication that makes our community strong and special.

Thank you once again and best of luck with your fundraising campaigns.