Instagram model and golf fanatic Katie Kearney joins the celebrity golf tournament for 2019.  The former Miss Missouri burst onto the national scene in 2012 when she competed in the Miss USA Pageant.  Although she didn’t win the competition, she has been winning over Instagram ever since with her stunning photos on and off the golf course.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Kearney attended St. Louis University where she studied communication, journalism and media.  She started her reporting career while at University working for Fox 2 News and has hosted a variety of sports talk shows since. 

An avid sports fan, Katie was introduced to the game of golf by her father at a young age.  After taking a break from the game, she was asked to play in charity scrambles every weekend after becoming Miss Missouri so she got back into the swing of things as to not embarrass herself.  This returned love for the game became an obsession which she turned into a career.  Kearney now works as a Luxury Travel and Golf Editor covering the best courses, resorts, and destinations with her work being published in World’s Best Golf Destinations.  Aside from this, Katie is also on air host for a variety of events from golf tournaments, to fashion shows, to more recently the PGA Championship and in 2018, she launched her own swimwear company, Strings Swimwear.