Smithers celebrity Golf is proud to welcome Faber Drive as the tournament’s house band for the weekend festivities.  Formed in 2004, the Juno Award-nominated pop punk band from Mission, BC, consists of lead vocalist Dave Faber, lead guitarist Jordan Pritchett, bass guitarist Jeremy Liddle and drummer Seamus O’Neil. After being discovered by Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and signed to his 604 Records label, Faber Drive decided to submit a song to Vancouver radio station 99.3 The Fox’s battle of the bands.  Their goal wasn’t to win the contest, they weren’t even sure they were good enough to enter.  In fact, when frontman Faber brought his band's CD to the station on the deadline day for submissions, he came close to giving up and going back home. "I actually got back in my car and pulled away," he says. "Then I decided to go back, so I turned the car around and I got up in the office just before it closed and handed in the disc." It was the best move of the band's career.  The station chose the song, "Sex and Love," as one of the 20 best submissions out of more than 500, then played the song on the radio in a head to head contest against the other qualifiers.  Soon, Faber Drive (then called simply Faber) were in the top 10, and, after live competitions at local clubs, they won 1st place and were voted the best band in Vancouver. After the band's triumph, they released a limited edition self-titled EP.  They would later change their name to Faber Drive to avoid potential legal issues and would go on tour to promote their debut album titled Seven Second Surgery on May 1, 2007.  The band's biggest influences are U2, The Police, Def Leppard, Jimmy Eat World, Stryper and Winger and since their debut album release have toured with bands such as Hedley, Stereos, Marianas Trench, Simple Plan and Metro Station. On March 13, 2017, they released new demos from their upcoming album ― "More Than Perfect", "Without", "Without a Fight", "One Million" and "Done My Best".  On August 5, 2018, they released a new single called "Surrender”.